Letter: ‘A love letter to my community’

To the editor:

I want to hold you down and spoon-feed you knowledge so that you can be a hurricane of truth on this world. I want a storm to brew inside your thought to conquer evil by defeating ignorance of people who you thought walked on water, or want to build walls the length of the border of Texas, or want to send the American global economy down the river along with the biodiversity of the planet.

I am reaching out to you. Can you reach out to me?

How many of you missed the last breath of the person you love the most?

Can you feel my heart?

I wish during the month of October a single orange-brown leaf just before growing brittle and crumbling would fly, carried by the wind off the beech or sycamore tree in your front yard and land on your nose while swinging on your rope swing out on the lake during the last days of summer, when the heat and carbon emissions are so smothering we look to the horizon for a campfire in the sky.

We arrange our bloodstreams against our lovers and the atriums and ventricles of our hearts syncopate in such a way as to inspire our solar system ever onward to an impending collision with the Andromeda Galaxy.

Can you feel the heartbeat of a group people at a crossroads of the mind where they can’t decide if one person is right in the face of 93 percent of people believing in miracles and the other 7.8 billion people thinking their personal manifest deity was able to walk on water or distract you from imbecile politicians, while Lin Manuel Miranda and our foreign exchange student work to mend Humpty-Dumpty the Great American Dream or something like that?

I’m with her. Begrudgingly. Honestly.

This is obviously a work of prose, not necessarily orthodox, and I am gracious to The Democrat for their ability to relay a message to 5,000 people or whatever.

See you on Facebook. Or YouTube. Or wherever.

All my love,

Larry E. “Levi” Voils III, Brown County


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