Thirty-four Brown County children sought titles, sashes, trophies and crowns tonight in the Brown County Fair junior royalty contests. Winners were:

Mini Miss (3-5)

  • First: Veronica Erick, 3, daughter of Chantal Ryan and Andrew Erick
  • Second: Rylee Barrett, 4, daughter of Justin and Courtney Barrett
  • Third: Shelby Williams, 5, daughter of Chad and Nichole Williams

Mini Mister (3-5)

  • First: Tryton Price, 5, son of Ean and Stacey Price
  • Second: Cooper Bartlett, 3, son of Melanie Bartlett and James Cowan
  • Third: Hunter Sizemore, 5, son of Brad and Amanda Morgan-Sizemore

Little Miss (6-8)

  • First: Kendra Earnshaw, 8, daughter of Wendy Earnshaw
  • Second: Jonah Muncy, 8, daughter of Marilynn Bowers and Joseph Muncy
  • Third: Tori Reichmann, 6, daughter of Lorna and Jeremiah Reichmann

Junior Prince (6-8)

  • First: Xander Reichmann, 8, son of Lorna and Jeremiah Reichmann

Junior Princess (9-11)

  • First: Savanna Parrish, 10, daughter of Tracy and Teresa Parrish
  • Second: Savannah Lawson, 10, daughter of Joe and Cherie Lawson
  • Third: Mattie Whitis, 10, daughter of Brian and Julanna Whitis

Junior King (9-11)

  • First: Dakota Hurm, 9, son of Eddie and Tina Hurm
  • Second: Raymond Parrish, 10, son of Tracy and Teresa Parrish
  • Third: Keynan Parrish, 9, son of Tracy and Teresa Parrish

Junior Queen (12-15)

  • First: Kelsey Reed, 12, daughter of Andy Reed and Danielle and Chris Ainsworth
  • Second: Addison Volbrecht, 12, daughter of Stacey Price and Ross Volbrecht
  • Third: Lexie Weddle, 14, daughter of Cindy Weddle and Tony Grant

See a special photo page in the Aug. 10 issue of the Brown County Democrat.