Letter: Motivation for town police presence questioned

To the editor:

In the “Town traffic court plans moving along” article in the June 22 issue, council President King is quoted, “With the town court, the majority of the money stays here. I don’t want the rumor started that we’re doing it to get money. That’s not the case at all.”

Wow. Thanks for clearing that up. It would never have occurred to me that the primary motivation for a local traffic court was to lower the cost of tickets.

As a member of the naïve citizenry, I saw it as a new revenue stream to support the coffers of an already oversized local constabulary.

I mean, your entire force slinks about in all-black sedans and all-black SUVs with all-black bumpers and all-black wheels with blackened-out windows. This is a practice culturally rooted in the streets of 1930s Germany.

But the sole intent of that force was to “harass and intimidate.” Today, we’re told it’s in order to conform to “Homeland Security standardization.”

Meanwhile, since “it’s not about the money,” I suggest we might best “serve and protect” our visiting motorists, and slow down traffic, by installing a new highway sign on facing west on State Road 46 in front of the Abbey Inn or thereabouts to read: WARNING: HUGE INVISIBLE POLICE PATROL NEXT 2 MILES.

Tom Craciunoiu, Nashville