Superintendent’s Corner: District Strategic Planning Team offers public a voice

By LAURA HAMMACK, guest columnist

As I write this column, I am reflecting on my first official two weeks of serving as your superintendent of Brown County Schools. Currently, we are in the exciting stages of preparing for the first day of school, and I have found myself reflecting quite a bit about the genuinely special school community that surrounds and supports the boys and girls of this school district.

I am touched by the vast number of service agencies and local community support networks who are an embedded partner in the delivery of services to our students. Because of these community partnerships, our students have access to world-class services and opportunities that they may not be able to benefit from without the assistance of so many Brown County citizens who care.

We are so grateful for the support that this community has invested in this school district and look forward to continued partnerships in many school years to come.

One forum that the Brown County Schools Board of School Trustees and I would like to offer to our community members is the opportunity to engage in a District Strategic Planning Team. The mission of this team will be to assist in the development of a five-year strategic plan for Brown County Schools.

This plan will incorporate the current vision and mission of Brown County Schools and will establish core values, performance targets, key performance indicators, strategies and action steps that will position Brown County Schools as one of the highest-performing school systems in the state.

The District Strategic Planning Team efforts will reflect a systems approach to organizational improvement and will provide many opportunities for engagement on behalf of the team members.

The team will meet monthly for the duration of the 2016-17 school year from 6 to 7:30 p.m. on the last Thursday of the month. A schedule will be provided at the first meeting which will take place Thursday, Aug. 25 at Brown County Intermediate School.

We are looking forward to your community participation as well as representatives from our district and school support staff, teaching staff and administrative staff. If you are interested in sharing your voice regarding the future of this district, please join us.

We sincerely appreciate your participation and commitment to this very important team that will map the next five years for Brown County Schools.

If you have any questions regarding your participation in this team, please feel free to contact me at 812-988-6601 or via email at

Laura Hammack is superintendent of Brown County schools.