Letter: Fire department thankful for support at rainy fundraising event

To the editor:

Your Brown County (Nashville) Volunteer Fire Department would like to thank our community once again for the support you show us.

On July 4, with fireworks canceled and rain falling, the tone was somber in Station One. Our annual hog roast is a big fundraiser, and fundraisers keep the lights on.

But then you put smiles on our faces as big as your hearts.

You waited in line, you dropped your change — and more — in the donation boot, you thanked us even as we tried to thank you. You were there when we needed you.

We would have been happy to break even that day. Your support beat break-even by almost $300. While it’s true that’s about the cost of one pair of firefighter boots, it also pays for things like the fuel that gets us to your house, and we are thankful for every dime you part with.

We are especially thankful for Chris Curtin, who has been a constant help, volunteering at department fundraisers over the years, and who — only a few weeks out of the hospital — called to ask when we were picking him up before we could even call him. You constantly humble us, Chris.

We also want to thank Speedway, Nashville BP and Beni Clevenger for all their help.

All we do, we do for you, but we can’t do it without you. You keep the lights on.

Thank you,

Jon Justin, president, BCVFD board

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