Letter: Same issue, different prices on gas ‘gouging’

To the editor:

I made a trip to Columbus this morning (July 1) and purchased gasoline while there — for $1.999 per gallon at the Shell station on Central Avenue.

Upon returning to Nashville, as expected, the price of gasoline is still $2.689 — a full 69 cents more per gallon. I purchased 11.393 gallons at the cost of $22.77. That same amount of gasoline would have cost $7.86 more in Nashville.

I have written about this issue before and still wonder why the people of Nashville must pay these exorbitant prices for fuel when towns around us like Columbus, Franklin, Bloomington and others are usually 15 to 25 cents less.

There are plenty of excuses, I’m sure, but they do not excuse the local gasoline suppliers for these ongoing antics.

This is price gouging, pure and simple!

Jim Gray, Nashville


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