Plan Commission public hearing RE: Zoning ordinance amendment for wireless communication facilities, structures


Please take notice that the Brown County Plan Commission will conduct a public hearing and meeting on Tuesday, July 26, 2016, at 6:30 o’clock p.m., in the Salmon Meeting Room in the Brown County Government Annex Building, 201 Locust Lane, Nashville. Indiana.   The purpose of the hearing shall be to accept public comment on proposed amendments (“the amendments”) to the Brown Count}’ Zoning Ordinance (“ZO”) concerning the siting, construction and use of wireless communications facilities and structures within the jurisdiction of the Brown County, Indiana, Zoning Ordinance.  During the meeting, the Plan Commission may take action on the amendments.

If adopted, the amendments would add definitions of the following terms to ZO Chapter 1: abandon; accessory equipment: administrative approval; administrative review; antenna; base station; carrier on wheels or cell on wheels (‘”COW”) or mobile stations; concealed wireless communications facility; electrical transmission tower: equipment compound; existing structure: fall zone; minor modification; monopole; ordinary maintenance; permit authority: replacement; small cell facility; small cell network: substantial modification; tower; utility pole; wireless communications facility or wireless facility; and, wireless support structure.   The amendments would change the existing definition of co-location.

The amendments, if adopted, would also: amend the primary use table of ZO Chapter 3 to clarify that special exception approvals are not required in all situations; amend the height and setback regulations of ZO Chapter 4 to address wireless support structures and facilities; and, amend the site plan requirements of ZO Chapter 6 to include wireless support structures and facilities.

The amendments, if adopted, would substantially change the wireless communications facility regulations of ZO Chapter 12 so as to bring that chapter into compliance with Indiana Code Chapter 8-1-32.3.  These changes would include, for example, limitations on permit application submittals; limitations on the scope of local permit considerations; opportunities for administrative permit approvals for insubstantial modification and co-location requests: time limitations on the decision making process; limitations on setback requirements; and, responsibilities for protecting confidential information.

Copies of the proposed amendments are available in the Brown County Planning Department, Second Floor, 201 Locust Lane, Nashville, Indiana.   During the hearing, oral objections or comments concerning the proposed amendments will be heard. Written objections or comments that are filed with Brown County Planning Director Christine Ritzmann, Brown County Planning Department, Second Floor, Government Annex Building, 201 Locust Lane, Nashville, Indiana 47448, prior to the time of the hearing, will be considered by the Brown County Plan Commission.  The hearing may be continued from time to time as may be found necessary.

Ora Roberts, Secretary

Brown County Plan Commission

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