Poet’s Corner for July 6, 2016

Chain Link Fences

I’m looking past the chain link fencesUp to the sky so free

I tell myself, “This is my life.”

In this sea of ignorance —

I have nowhere to turn —

State-issued everything.

While deep inside I’m yearning,

Yearning for a positive future

With those I love so dearly.

I pray that this nightmare will end

So that I can evolve…

I can’t forget that my choices

Have led me to this place,

I do have so much regret,

Yet, I’ll overcome and persevere.

The Lord gave me this time

To think of everything

The pain, the terror

The many heartaches and heartbreaks untold

The anguish and disgrace

I yield the beck and call

Then there are those in-betweens

That cause us to fall.

When I get to the other side

Of the chain link fences I see

I will make things right

I will fill my potential

I will walk in the light of Jesus,

I will keep my promises,

And I will finally receive my promise.

The promise that;

“God will never lead me to anything —

That He can’t see me through.”

The sky beyond

This chain linked sky

It serves to set me free

It replaces my hopes and dreams,

and the faith of Eternity,

It gives me most of all purpose

Of a new life etched in stone,

So greatly it’s imprinted

In my future all alone

It allows me the freedom to cope

With the uncertainty of tomorrow

And the future of a life to come…

— James Robert “J.R.” Childs Jr., Plainfield

The Clock Keeper

He takes care to mind time astutely,

Not obtusely

Brass keys and springs

Are his playthings

Dutifully he winds the clocks every day,

Not one hand stray

To the minutes;

So absolute

On the hours so merrily the clocks chimed

Gave peace of mind,

He smiles in thought

At splendor wrought.

— Brenda Crowley, Nashville, in memory of Gene Russell

By the Pond

‘Nother country day

Bullfrogs holler at the mornin’

Skeeters make my ankles itch

That’s all right

Not much to pay for an easy mind

That big doe I saw on the dam

Stopped and looked at me

I swear she smiled

Saw a Luna moth hangin’ on a tall weed

Knowin’ in that still evenin’

It was dyin’

Pretty and sad together

So go these times

They bring me peace though

And I am thankful for today

— Robbie Bowden, Brown County

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