Letter: Looking out for health care in Brown County

To the editor:

Brown Countians for Quality Health Care (BCQHC) is now incorporated. This small group of volunteers has been meeting for five years, examining the health needs of our county and offering some help.

In 2012, BCQHC enlisted the help of the IU School of Business to survey our health needs and recommend solutions. A group of graduate students identified smoking, obesity and diabetes as our primary health concerns, with transportation and access to health providers as obstacles.

We also assessed the needs by offering a free clinic in the fall of 2014. With wonderful help from the local physicians, optometrist, Windrose Clinic in Trafalgar, the Brown County Lions, the IU School of Social Work and other volunteers, we were able to see approximately 90 people. We found that many of the people were in need of dental treatment.

Our mission is to advocate and assist in the availability of quality health care. Seeing the dental needs, BCQHC is now planning a free dental clinic.

Dental hygienists will screen for problems and make referrals where possible; free fluoride varnishing will be offered, if indicated, (especially beneficial for children); and toothbrushes and care tips will be provided. An additional benefit of the screening is that BCQHC will try to help families access treatment for their needs discovered in the screening process.

The clinic will be Saturday, July 16, from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Brown County YMCA. Community Health Center of Jackson County will provide a variety of services.

One of our long term goals is to do what we can to make primary health care available to all the people of Brown County. This we hope will help in addressing the other identified needs of drug abuse, smoking and obesity seen in our county. As a tax deductible corporation we will be seeking donations and grants to help make this a reality.

If improving health care for our friends and neighbors is one of your passions and concerns, please join our effort and make this happen sooner than later. Call or text us at 317-885-7337.

Judy East, Brown County

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