Superintendent’s Corner: Columnist enjoyed talking to readers, says his goodbyes

The publication of this column will be my final submission as superintendent of Brown County Schools.

I have been honored to serve in this capacity for the past nine years and for 12 years prior as assistant superintendent of Brown County Schools.

I calculate that I have written approximately 235 columns over this period as superintendent. My purpose in writing has been to inform the community of events and issues involving our school children and our programs at Brown County Schools.

On occasion, I have offered individual opinions about issues facing our school community as well as public education in general. I have appreciated feedback from our readers even when they disagreed with the points of view of this column.

I want to offer my thanks to Sara Clifford, our Brown County Democrat editor, for allowing me to comment on school issues and for the coverage given to Brown County Schools by The Democrat. I do think it is important to keep the community informed about school events and The Democrat is a major contributor to this effort.

I have many persons and groups to thank as I exit as superintendent. I want to thank our current board of school trustees: Judy Hardwick, Carol Bowden, Stephanie Kritzer, Steve Miller Jr. and Tom Jackson.

I thank the board who appointed me as superintendent in 2007: Judy Hardwick, the late John Mills, Teresa Waltman, Connie Weddle and Zach Gredy.

And thanks to the board who hired me as assistant superintendent of Brown County Schools in 1995: Linda Hobbs, Steve Miller Sr., Roy Hendershot, Jay Balcerak and Bill Austin. Thanks also to the many persons who have served on our school boards over the years.

I appreciate our Brown County team of administrators, teachers and support staff who do so much for our students and our school programs.

I have been here for 21 years, and I think of the story of “Rip Van Winkle” by Washington Irving about a man who goes out into the woods, falls asleep for 20 years, and awakens realizing that everything has changed during his extended rest. So much has changed for Brown County Schools and for public education over these past 21 years.

We have had many accomplishments and I emphasize that these are the result of great teachers and great administrators with whom I have been privileged to work.

Our school boards have enhanced school safety by changing entry configurations so that anyone coming in will be greeted by school personnel. I mention this initiative among numerous building improvements because of its importance to school safety.

Superintendent’s Corner will continue with new Brown County Schools Superintendent Laura Hammack, starting with the July 13 issue.