Use of land for new car wash approved

A car wash/dog wash can proceed with plans to build at 71 Willow St., now that the land’s zoning has been changed.

The town council on June 16 narrowly approved a change of zoning from B2 general business to B3 service/warehouse/other use. The Brown County Area Plan Commission had reviewed it first and given a favorable recommendation; the town council’s vote was 3-2, with Arthur Omberg and Alisha Gredy against.

It was described as a 24-hour four-bay car wash, three self-serve and one automatic. Inside will be a dog-washing station. Brown County Planning Commission Office Manager Ora Roberts said the site also will contain an office building; two people will work there.

Omberg had concerns about the noise it could create across the street from the Willow Manor and Hawthorne Hills senior apartment buildings. But business representative Randy Hahn said he didn’t think noise would be a problem — for one, because it’s right next door to the Nashville police station.

Roberts said the rezoning was needed because “car wash” is not explicitly listed in B2 zoning. Nashville resident Jim Hays suggested the town add “car wash” to B2 instead of rezoning it to B3, which could open up many other uses if that business ever ceased to exist. The council chose to rezone it.

Building plans still need to be approved by the Nashville Development Review Commission.

This would be the town’s second car wash; the Nashville BP station on Van Buren Street also has one.