Fine Print: Restaurant inspections, Jan. 6-May 26

Jan. 6

Family Dollar, 55 Chestnut St.: One non-critical violation, corrected now: Several packages of over-the-counter medicine expired. (routine)

Jan. 29

My Nashville Candy Store, 41 S. Van Buren St.: Two non-critical violations: Cover fudge in pans that are open on shelf to prevent contamination, corrected now; need thermometer in freezer and refrigerator in back room, to be corrected by Jan. 30. (routine)

Schwab’s Fudge, 100 S. Van Buren St.: No violations observed at time of inspection. (routine)

Feb. 1

HSI Head Start, 161 N. Gould St.: No violations at time of inspection were observed. (routine)

March 17

Story Inn, 6404 State Road 135 South; Two critical violations, both to be corrected now: Consumer advisory must be asterisked on the menu to animal-derived foods — eggs, poultry, meats or shellfish that could be ordered undercooked; spray bottle in dishwashing area must be clearly labeled with the name of the material inside. Six non-critical violations: Floor tile in multiple areas needs replacement, to be corrected by next remodel, winter 2016; cover opened product (cheesecake) in cooler; door handle on TurboAir cooler needs repair, freezer downstairs needs to be defrosted; thermometer needed in freezer downstairs; employee food stored in the cooler needs a designated area labeled and separated from other food; fan grating by stove area has debris buildup, all to be corrected now. (routine)

May 19

Hobnob Corner, 17 W. Main St.: One critical violation, to be corrected now: Cooler on hot line end temperature is 48.7 degrees and 49 degrees on food — to be voluntarily discarded. Two non-critical violations: Large cooler by outside door is missing both handles on doors, to be corrected by June 1; mat in freezer soiled with debris and debris underneath, to be corrected now. (routine)

That Sandwich Place, 15 S. Van Buren St.; No violations observed at time of inspection. (routine)

May 26

Pine Room Tavern, 51 E. Chestnut St.: Six non-critical violations: Vulcan oven has baked-on debris on base; ventilation oven fryer/grill area needs to be cleaned, excessive grease buildup; remove/repair stainless cooler base-unit; remove/repair overhead vent on side of grill ventilation, all to be corrected by June 1; cutting board has gouges, being replaced; thermometer needed in pie cabinet; unisex bathroom needs covered trash receptacle, both to be corrected now. (routine)