Return your voter registration card ASAP

This week, some voters will start receiving postcards in the mail from the Secretary of State Election Division asking them to confirm their current address or update their voter registration information.

Voters who receive this postcard must respond to ensure their voter registration information is accurate.

“Every year, I get calls from Hoosiers wanting to know why a neighbor or child who moved years ago is still listed on a poll book,” said Secretary of State Connie Lawson. “People not only find this upsetting, it undermines their faith in our elections. The voter list refresh we are doing this summer will ensure Indiana’s list are accurate and give voters confidence in the integrity of our elections.”

In May, the office sent postcards to all active voters to identify outdated voter information. The office is now sending a second round of forwardable postcards to voters whose first postcard was returned as an undeliverable address, asking them to take action by confirming or updating their registration information.

Voters who received a second postcard have until Aug. 5 to confirm or update their information.

Voters who do not confirm or update their information will have their record put on the inactive list.

Being on the inactive list does not mean a voter cannot vote; if the voter casts a ballot from that address in November, their record will be reclassified as active. If they do not vote in November, they can still vote in the federal elections of 2018. If they do not vote in any election before January 2019, the county voter registration office may then remove them from the poll lists.

Check your voter registration information online at or at the county clerk’s office.