Poets Corner: Broken Wings

Broken Wings

I find myself today with broken wings

After more than half my life behind

Theses fences and walls that contain me

My wings are broken and bent

As to forbid my abilities to fly and be free

Free to overcome the generational stigmatic curse

Stained is my writing

From the situations I’m in

A stain self-ordained and declining

Deciding my choices of judgment

My disorder comes from within

Daunting and troubling

It’s a very big stain

Punishing and perhaps impossible to clean

I was flying, trying to cross a marsh

A marsh filled with a sickened and holistic world

A world full of evil, full of temptations

And overflowing with impurities

For some it was easy to overcome

But for me, I slipped and fell many times

Broken, beaten, and tattered

Yet, still from this marsh I will prevail

Today I have a thousand sadnesses

They don’t let me sleep at night

A hatred fast fed by a prison

A prison that darkens my every light

Walls, fences, and barriers surround me

Supported by the traumatic experiences of my wicked life

But I won’t let them keep me down

As my world goes round and round

Today I have a life filled with dreams

Dreams that I will fulfill

Although there are times when I feel

I have no support system

Times when I really need somebody

Yet, all of this is just a façade

I share now a lasting relationship

With my Lord and Savior

Today they heal my broken wings

Today they will heal my unyielding spirit

Today they heal my sickened body

Today they give me the greatest strength, courage, and knowledge

Entangled with the wisdom to endure

I now have faith enriched with hope

I now have wisdom, knowledge, and a great understanding

Today I’m free to fly again, To finish my journey

The journey over the murky marsh of life

— James Robert “J.R.” Childs Jr., Brown County

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