Local business: Launching Brown County

Personal trainer Erica Weddle’s need to move to a larger space after only a few months at Launch Brown County is a success of which the Brown County Chamber of Commerce is proud, President Mike Stieglitz said.

Yet, since the chamber reopened the shared office space in September, Weddle’s has also been the only business to show an interest.

So, the chamber has decided to place more emphasis on a co-work space, which offers high-speed internet and a small desk — suited to a laptop — in the front room of Launch Brown County, above PNC Bank, Stieglitz said.

In the current world of young entrepreneurs, office space is not in great demand, and the emphasis is on mobility, Stieglitz said.

Using the co-work space costs $75 a month per user, in comparison to $250 a month for the shared office space. In addition, the shared office space requires the user to join the chamber, which costs another $150 a year. However, those using the shared office space also receive the mentoring, promotion and networking that go with chamber membership, Stieglitz said.

The co-working space also does not allow users a place to store things when they aren’t there — which the shared space does — and there’s an additional fee for co-work users of $40 per two hours to use the conference room.

The chamber expects that new users will be drawn in primarily to the co-working space, and from there they can identify those who may benefit more by moving up to the shared office space.

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Ben Kibbey is a Brown County transplant from the cornfields of central Ohio. He covers county government, business, outdoors, sports and general news.