Letter: Contact local leaders with opinions on wheel tax

To the editor:

Brown County residents may have read the wheel tax increase articles in The Democrat recently. If the wheel tax is raised to the maximum allowable, you will pay an additional $50 per license plate on each vehicle, trailer, moped, motorcycle, boat, etc. that you own.

I urge you to fully understand the impact of this tax increase and to voice your opinion to your county council, who will have a second reading of the ordinance to raise the tax and vote to increase this tax June 20. (If you are wondering how you missed the first reading, it was because it was Wednesday, June 1 at 9 a.m. — a time when most of us were at work! Personally, I think public meetings should be conducted when the public is available.)

The phone number for the county council is 812-988-5485. If you cannot attend a meeting, please make the call and make your voice heard on this tax. The county council members’ email addresses are available online.

It is also important to note that initially a joint meeting of the council and commissioners was held, and both groups agreed to raise this tax.

There are many in Brown County who cannot afford an increase of this size. And those with homes in other states or counties will simply license their property there, avoiding the increase. They have told me as much. This leaves the increase to local working people, those without second homes and disposable income.

There are other options for obtaining the grant match. I believe very strongly that Dave Redding is (as he has been) a voice of reason. As we have already borrowed “road money,” why not use it for the match this year?

The old saying goes, “fools rush in.” Since the grant match from the state is new this year (and not guaranteed for future years), it seems prudent to use the road loan money we have for the matching funds this year and not “rush in” to increasing the wheel tax for next year and all years to come.

Speak up now, Brown County, or prepare to pay additional funds at the license branch next year, and for all years to follow.

Tricia Bock, Nashville


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