Nashville woman faces felony fraud charge

Police say a Nashville woman stole almost $300 using three ATMs in Bartholomew and Brown counties.

Kenya Roberts, 29, was charged with Level 6 felony fraud May 19.

Brown County Sheriff’s Deputy Brian Shrader began investigating April 6 after meeting with a woman who said she had her entire paycheck — and then some — stolen from her bank account. The theft caused her account to go into the negative, a probable cause affidavit said.

The victim said Roberts and a man had stayed with her for about a week before the theft.

A year before, the victim said she had given Roberts her pin number; they had worked together.

She told Shrader that she had not given them permission to use or take her debit card.

The victim identified Roberts based on gas station security footage where one of the ATM withdrawals took place, the report said.