Letter: ‘The only good thing’ about Donald Trump

To the editor:

The only good thing about Trump is that all the bad people have revealed themselves, much to the embarrassment of regular folk.

Riots, shootings, mayhem, racism, xenophobia and just plain insanity abound with the conservative, under-educated and ill-informed.

To the credit of the United States, the First Amendment “guarantees” free speech. So we must tolerate their belligerence and rhetoric. Forgive them, Father, for they know not what they do.

It’s to the discredit of the Trump fan club that they attack anyone with opposing opinions. Trump followers act as nothing more than plain ol’ street thugs venting their unfounded fears.

What should we think when the KKK endorses Trump while corporations pull out?

Any sane person would understand that Republicans are eroding our rights — especially those of women who still earn only 75 percent of what a man earns, destroying our system of education, and reducing pay and benefits while ennobling the richest.

One of the more incredulous actions is government employees (teachers, police, etc) voting Republican, knowing that they are voting away their paychecks.

To address one aspect of education: When I was in high school, they offered programs in carpentry, electrical, drafting, machine shop and auto mechanics. Every student graduated with a job, thereby contributing to society, staying off the streets and staying off drugs.

Now, education is privatized, and anyone wishing those skills must pay, meaning our young remain in debt for years or end up on the streets with no or poor paying jobs. Anytime the nation privatizes anything, it costs the taxpayer three times more.

And what insanity that a presidential candidate (Rick Santorum) would advise citizens not to go to university for fear of losing their religion! If one’s religion is that weak to begin with, it doesn’t matter what they do.

I will end here, because I could write a book, and many have, about the dastardly deeds of the conservative Republicans and their rich overlords.

George Washington stated that it was the duty of every American (patriot) to become well-educated, well-informed, and participate in their government.

Please. Please. Please. Get educated, become informed (avoid Fox propaganda like the plague) and make the right choice for every American.

John Cleveland, Nashville

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