Fine Print: Restaurant inspections Feb. 5-April 7

Feb. 5

Gnaw Mart, 4947 State Road 46 East: Three non-critical violations: Label all squeeze bottles as to contents, to be corrected Feb. 9; overhead ventilation panels for fryers have grease buildup, to be corrected Feb. 28; cold line door top has debris, to be corrected Feb. 9. (routine)

Feb. 6

Brown County Winery, 4520 State Road 46 East: No violations observed at time of inspection. (routine)

March 23

Brown County Inn, 51 State Road 46 East: Two non-critical violations: Plates on salad line in dining room to be inverted or covered to prevent contamination, to be corrected now; menu items that can be ordered as under-cooked like eggs, steak, hamburgers to be linked to consumer advisory by an asterisk per item and on advisory, to be corrected as soon as possible. (routine)

March 30

Brown County High School, 325 Schoolhouse Lane: No violations observed at the time of inspection. Dishwasher reached temp as per test sticker. (routine)

Brown County Intermediate School, 260 Schoolhouse Lane: No violations observed at time of inspection. Dishwashing machine reached correct temperature as per sticker. (routine)

Brown County Junior High, 95 Schoolhouse Lane: No violations observed at time of inspection. Dishwasher final rinse was correct as per sticker, 180 degrees. (routine)

Comfort Inn, 51 W. Chestnut St.: All previous violations corrected. No violations observed at time of inspection. (routine)

March 31

Nashville Fudge Shop, 175 S. Van Buren: Four non-critical violations, all to be corrected now: Eating can only be in designated areas where contamination of food prep items cannot occur — like the back room; label all large containers as to contents; product stored on freezer floor must be on shelves 6 inches off floor, fudge samples on plate must be covered; fudge samples — consumer self-service must have utensils or a dispensing method that protects from contamination. (routine)

Nashville General Store, 118 E. Washington St.: No violations observed at time of inspection. (routine)

Nashville House, 15 S. Van Buren St.: One non-critical violation, to be corrected now: Sauce and pickles in buckets stored on cooler floor — must be 6 inches off the floor. Provide documentation so apple butter can be stored without refrigeration. Note: Not on inspection form, but verification from Purdue University was received and it is acceptable to store this apple butter at room temperature. (routine)

Nashville House Old Country Store, 15 S. Van Buren St.: Three non-critical violations: Apple butter and product made in-house needs to be labeled. Label information shall include the common name of the food, list of ingredients in descending order including artificial color or flavor and preservatives, quantity of contents, name and place of manufacturer, and bulk unpackaged food needs a card or sign with this information available to consumer (repeat violation); fan cover to outside coated with dust (repeat violation), to be corrected now; back table used for rolling dough has painted surface wearing off, cover or repaint, cooler door in back room does not slide and has gaps, to be corrected by May 30. (routine)

April 7

Brown County IGA, 30 Hawthorne Drive: One critical violation: Chicken in hot-holding unit reading 130 degrees, 127 degrees — unit to be turned up and all chicken/meat in this unit discarded four hours after cooking time (repeat violation), to be corrected now. Eight non-critical violations: 12 packages of expired over-the-counter medication to be disposed of now (repeat violation); deli employee drinking out of a bottle — only acceptable way of drinking in a food prep area is a closed lid with straw, to be corrected now; deli manager needs to wear a beard net due to facial hair when working in this area (repeat violation), to be corrected now; stainless steel table in produce prep area has gouges from being used as a cutting board, to be corrected May 1; floor in the freezer unit of the deli is crumbling at the threshold — flooring must be smooth, cleanable, to be corrected May 1; gaps to the outside on back roll-up door and other door in back area (repeat violation), to be corrected May 1; employee food stored in the cooler must be separated by partitioning and labeled “employee food,” to be corrected now; paper under milk is soiled, food under paper is soiled, grease trap in deli is covered with old debris outside, fan cover in cooler is covered with dust in deli (repeat violation), to be corrected now. (routine)