Letter: Writer replies to letter from April 20 paper

To the editor:

Evan Werling has never let the truth get in the way of his opinion.

First, Mr. Joe Wray did not promote himself to “Treasurer of the Year.” He was selected by the Indiana Treasurers Association, a group of his peers.

2. Contrary to Werling’s ongoing assertion that there was no effort to balance the books between the auditor’s and treasurer’s office, hogwash. How does he come up with this stuff?

3. Werling alone decided this county shouldn’t be awarded the $9 million Stellar grant, and he takes pride in this.

4. There was no thorough study done to determine that a recreation center/sports center was not a viable option for our county. It was determined that our county did not have the $4 million necessary to fund the project. It’s OK that we don’t have a facility of this nature in our county to combat the issues of “something” to do for our young kids and families in this county, but that’s of no concern to him. It’s interesting that almost every other county in this state has a sports/rec center.

I’m not sure what Mr. Werling’s overall motive is, but I find nothing positive, for Brown County, in his efforts to discredit anyone that has an opinion that is opposite of his. He embodies every disreputable trait found in most politicians. He serves his own agenda.

John Kennard, private citizen


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