Letter: Thanks to everyone who worked toward referendum

To the editor:

The Board of School Trustees, the teachers, the administrators and the staff of Brown County Schools wish to thank all of the members of our community who worked tirelessly to successfully pass our school referendum. Many individuals contributed hours of work in contacting voters in our community and urging their support for the campaign.

Special thanks go to several individuals: Our chairperson, Jim Oliver, directed our campaign with expertise and experience; campaign treasurer Roberta Chirko managed our campaign finances in exemplary fashion; and committee chairpersons Donna Ormiston, Teri Bleuel, Michael Fulton and Karen Kirby, whose work was instrumental in our ability to inform voters of the issues and necessity of the referendum.

Our teachers and many of our retired teachers spent many hours calling voters, knocking on doors and mailing information to our community. Ronna Snyder served as our staff coordinator and kept us focused on our tasks. An energetic group of Brown County High School students supported us on social media and at the polls.

Finally, another round of thanks goes to the voters of our community. They have spoken to our youth about the importance of education in these challenging times. Whether you supported us or opposed us, we commend you for voting and urge you to remain involved in the political election process.

In November we will make important decisions about the individuals who will lead our nation and our state. One of the many lessons learned by our national runner-up We the People students was the importance of being involved by voting for our leaders.

Our community has spoken of the value it places upon quality schools. I am proud to be a member of the Brown County community.

David Shaffer, superintendent

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