Five students represented Brown County High School for the first time at the National Economics Challenge in April.

The team of Austin Kritzer, Rusty Riley, Andrew Brown, Collin Hoskins and Austin Heminger competed in the regional at Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis.

They were quizzed on their knowledge of microeconomics, macroeconomics, international economics and current events.

The IUPUI contest was one of three conducted simultaneously across the state, said Alecia Adams, AP Economics teacher at Brown County High School.

The winning team — Carmel High School — moved on to the regional semifinal.

Among the 43 teams, Brown County placed 29th — “not the most glamorous score, but we learned, looked good and had a great time,” Adams said.

More than 10,000 students participate in the challenge nationwide each year, which “recognizes exceptional high school students for their knowledge of economic principles and their ability to apply problem-solving and critical-thinking skills to real-world events,” the organization says.

For three rounds, they’re quizzed through multiple-choice paper-and-pencil tests — the first two as individuals, and the third round as a team.

The top two teams after those three rounds meet for an oral Quiz Bowl.

This year’s national challenge will be in New York City in mid-May.