Letter: Brown County steps up to meet GIFT VI challenge

To the editor:

The Brown County Community Foundation is proud to announce that we have successfully met the GIFT VI challenge grant offered by Lilly Endowment Inc.

With hundreds of donations from local citizens, local businesses and the help of the estate of Howard Hughes, the Cummins Charitable Foundations and the Smithville Charitable Foundation, we have been officially approved for the $500,000 match grant.

These grant dollars were leveraged to help Brown County Habitat for Humanity and Mother’s Cupboard build the new Project Helping Hands building and the new food pantry.

Additionally, these funds assisted with the beautiful renovation of the Brown County Art Gallery.

Over $500,000 was raised for community projects and endowments supporting Brown County. The BCCF Community Grants fund has grown by $500,000 as well thanks to the support of 24 new unrestricted endowments supporting the annual grants program. This growth will allow for an additional $20,000 in community grants each year.

The board of trustees and the staff of your Brown County Community Foundation thank everyone for their donations and congratulate this generous community for the completion of another successful GIFT campaign. GIFT stands for Giving Indiana Funds for Tomorrow.

We especially want to thank Lilly Endowment Inc. for offering the challenge grant to the Brown County Community Foundation, which, in fact, will provide support to the county for many, many tomorrows through the annual BCCF grants program. We appreciate their trust in the Brown County Community Foundation to identify important community needs and to attract and award local philanthropic dollars to address those needs.

Larry Pejeau, Brown County Community Foundation CEO

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