Underage man cited for public intoxication

A man was arrested after police received a report of an intoxicated man running around downtown Nashville, kicking cars.

The incident took place Dec. 8; the probable-cause affidavit was filed April 5.

While officers were en route, Jose E. Tepetl-Escalona, then 20, of Nashville, took off running. Brown County Sheriff’s Deputy Andrew Eggebrecht found him in front of Officer Josh Stargell’s marked vehicle on Van Buren Street.

Eggebrecht reported smelling alcohol on him and that he had “great difficulty” standing, the report said.

When asked how much he had to drink, Tepetl-Escalona responded “nothing” then admitted to drinking one beer.

A breath test showed his blood-alcohol content to be 0.31. Eggebrecht requested an ambulance to check him because of his level of intoxication, the affidavit states.

After emergency medical staff finished their work, Eggebrecht escorted him back to his apartment on West Washington Street and made sure a sober adult was there to ensure Tepetl-Escalona did not leave again.

He was cited and later charged with public intoxication, a Class B misdemeanor; and illegal possession of an alcoholic beverage, a Class C misdemeanor.