Letter: Unanswered questions for commissioner candidate

To the editor:

I just finished reading the Jerry Pittman and Joe Wray questions and answers (April 13 paper) and I am relieved to find that Wray has an intelligent opponent. Pittman spent his time talking about solutions and Wray was busy telling us all the accolades he has received and all of his out-of-county events he attends. I’m a Brown County voter and my question to Wray is, “What have you done for us lately?”

Pittman realizes we cannot borrow our way out of debt. Wray seems to think he can get us out of the hole we are in by digging the hole deeper. I need a few questions answered:

Did we ever find out what happened to the $8,000 the treasurer’s office was short at the end of Wray’s term?

Why were the backup materials that showed what had been charged on the county charge card systematically destroyed when state law required that they be kept for years?

Why did Wray only hold a couple redevelopment commission meetings in the year he was chairman?

Why did Wray vote to rezone property as general business within feet of the bedroom window of a residence when he knew the noise created by the business? The business (a zip line on Hornettown Road) went before the Area Plan Commission only after it was built. Luckily, Commissioners Dave Anderson and Diana Biddle saw the problem with this and outvoted Wray.

Why did Wray nominate and elect an individual to a board (the Brown County Convention and Visitors Commission) that will dispense more than $700,000 of tax money to someone who has been in the county less than five years and was unknown here before that time?

Why does Wray believe that INDOT is upgrading Yellowwood Road to improve tourism? How many tourists want to come into a once beautiful wooded area to view the effects of clear-cutting, bask in the beauty of erosion and be run off the roadway by speeding log trucks?

I could go on, but I’m upset enough now. Please vote for Pittman.

Nina B. Leggett, Nashville

Editor’s note: The $8,000 the treasurer’s office was short at the end of Wray’s term was a longtime bookkeeping error between the bank and the ledger, current Treasurer Mary Smith said. Items in parentheses in this letter were added by the editor for clarity.

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