Letter: Attend events of interest to support local art scene

To the editor:

A letter last week expressed displeasure with the “Mancave” event held at the Brown County Art Guild April 10. The writer suggested the Guild was turning into a “biker bar” and that it was turning away from its rich history. The writer further told artists they should leave.

While people may not care for this particular event, it is only one of many others that very much live up to the Guild’s past. The Guild is a nonprofit and revenue from art sales only pays a portion of the expenses. History, while of great value, doesn’t pay the electric bill.

As a result, fundraisers are needed to pick up the difference. As with any event, some are more successful than others, but all are an effort to keep the doors open.

I hope people will continue to support the Brown County Art Guild and its artists, along with all the galleries in town by attending the events that interest them.

Lyn Letsinger-Miller, president, Brown County Art Gallery Foundation

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