Fine Print: Civil court March 29-April 14

New suits filed

March 29

Jerald R. Skinner vs. State of Indiana, Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles, specialized driving privileges

First Tennessee Bank vs. Sven Wagner, Kathy M. Wagner, civil collection

Midland Funding LLC vs. Nancy Kates, civil collection

March 30

Michael Lee Weddle vs. Rebekah L. Weddle, dissolution of marriage

Dennis M. Purkhiser vs. Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles, Theodore Adams, Indiana Attorney General, request for waiver of fees and court costs

March 31

James K. Reed vs. State of Indiana, post-conviction relief

HSBC Bank USA N. A. vs. Robert E. Howard, unknown tenants/occupants at 23 Ike Shipley Road, mortgage foreclosure.

April 1

Wells Fargo Bank N. A. vs. Travis Darnell, Lloyd Cox, Camden Darnell, Jennifer Darnell, Jennifer M. Darnell, Nikki Darnell, Nikki Y. Darnell, William Darnell, Sherry Ann Dowell, Estate of Travis Darnell, unknown heirs/devisees, mortgage foreclosure.

Wells Fargo Bank N. A. vs. William Huber, William T. Huber, unknown tenants/occupants at 3190 Green Valley Road, mortgage foreclosure.

Freedom Mortgage Corporation, Freedom Home Mortgage Corporation vs. Joseph L. Koltcz, Cynthia A. Koltcz, State of Indiana, mortgage foreclosure.

Petitioner/interested person Gary Linville in the estate of Patsie A. Linville, unsupervised estate

McDonalds J & J Inc. vs. J & Y Multani Inc., Jake Singh, Pushpinder Singh, civil tort

Petitioner/interested persons Mary Jo Davis, Michael E. Rowland in the estate of Georgina A. Rowland, unsupervised estate

April 6

JPMorgan Chase Bank N. A. vs. Karen Johnson, John Johnson, mortgage foreclosure

April 8

Nathan Emshwiller vs. Wendy J. Emshwiller, dissolution of marriage

April 11

Deutsche Bank National Trust vs. John W. Johnson, Karen D. Johnson, unknown occupants at 4938 Second Street, mortgage foreclosure

April 12

GMG Motors Inc. vs. Maeghn Pruitt, Christina Pruitt, civil collection

International Hair LG vs. Jaclyn Hardin, civil collection

Jerry Lee Voils Jr. vs. Teresa Lynn Voils, dissolution of marriage

April 13

Credit Acceptance Corporation vs. Taylor McCormick, civil collection

Small claims

March 29

LVNV Funding LLC vs. Rachael Halcomb

April 5

Justin Hutchens vs. Trish Hitch

April 6

Brian King vs. James Minor

April 8

Cathy A. Schneider vs. Bethany Todd, Aaron Acton

Life Care Medical Solutions Inc. vs. Eva McCarty

April 14

Mary Lenwell vs. Christina Bishop DBA Cute As a Button Spa