Area Plan Commission hearing for approval of major subdivision at 2018 Woodland Lake Road, by petitioner Loren Bruce Slevin



Notice is hereby given that Loren Bruce Slevin has filed with the Area Plan Commission of the County of Brown, Indiana, an application for a primary approval of a subdivision, to wit:

Legal description of premises:

Lot No. 1 of Slevin Minor Subdivision as recorded July 26,2012 in Minor Plat Book No. 5, Page 3, as Instrument No. 2012-2389, in the office of the Recorder of Brown County, Indiana, Containing 24.856 acres, more or less.

Applicant is requesting primary approval of Slevin Subdivision, a proposed 5 lot major subdivision in Hamblen Township. The property is located at 2018 Woodland Lake Road.

The file on this matter is available for public inspection 10 days prior to the hearing, during the regular working hours at the Brown County Area Plan Commission office in the County Office Building, Nashville, Indiana.

The Commission will hold a public hearing on April 26, 2016 during a meeting commencing at 6:00 p.m. All interested persons will be given the opportunity to be heard in reference to the matters set out in the petition. This notice is being published to notify persons affected by this petition by order of the Area Plan Commission. Written comments regarding the petition, which are filed with the secretary of the Area Plan Commission before the hearing will be considered. The hearing may be continued from time to time. The meeting will be held in the second floor meeting room of the County Office Building, Nashville, Indiana. If you have a disability that requires special assistance for your participation in the meeting, please contact the Area Plan Commission at (812) 988-5490.

Petitioner:  Loren Bruce Slevin     Date: April 1, 2016

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