Letter: Internet ‘area’ needs new company

To the editor:

My fiancée and I moved to Brown County over a year ago near the north end of Clay Lick Road. Since then, we have been in contact with several local companies that provide high-speed Internet.

I learned that NewWave Communications served our particular area, but at the time, they had not extended their lines to the end of Clay Lick Road. About a month ago I contacted them once more and was told that a technician would come out and inspect our property for serviceability.

A day later, the customer service rep called me back and informed me that our house was not serviceable. I asked why and the rep was unable to tell me. I then requested that if the house was too far from the road, hooking it up in the garage would be fine, as the power and phone lines enter the property that way anyway.

Another inspection appointment was set up, but I received the same phone call. I asked if the notes in my request included the garage installation and I was informed that there was no mention of it.

I then set up another appointment and asked if the technician could come to the door and speak to me personally. The next day, without hearing from a technician, I got the same phone call; non-serviceable, no explanation why.

Over the next two weeks, I repeatedly called and requested the same type of inspection. Again, no word from the technician himself and no explanation; just a simple denial.

This occurred four times with the same results. No mention of my garage installation was ever made in the notes, and no request for the technician to speak to me personally was ever entered.

I finally called and requested to speak with the technical supervisor and was told that he would call me back the following Monday and speak to me personally to address my concerns. Again, no phone call to me was made, and when I called back, there was no mention in the notes that I had requested to speak to anyone.

I am fed up with NewWave, as they don’t seem to have any concern for those in their “area.” No other cable company will come out here since this is NewWave’s area, and I feel that if the company cannot provide service to those in their area, they should allow companies that will.

There is absolutely no reason whatsoever that service cannot be installed in my garage. I have a friend who works for Comcast who explained to me that installation would be no problem, and he was confused as to why NewWave was acting the way they were.

This is a very difficult and frustrating situa- tion for myself and my fiancee, as we both have online business that require bandwidth more than what HughesNet can offer.

I feel that if NewWave cannot provide service to those within their service area, then they need to relinquish their area to a more competent company.

Furthermore, their customer service is obviously ineffective, as my concerns were never addressed nor passed on to the appropriate people. They need to go.

Edward Crae, Brown County

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