Editor’s note: The Brown County Junior High School We the People team won the state civics contest championship in December and wants to win another national title for Brown County. But first, the team needs to raise about $35,000 to get to the contest in Washington, D.C., from April 29 to May 3. Send donations payable to “Brown County We the People Junior High School” to P.O. Box 578, Nashville, IN 47448. The Brown County Democrat is featuring members of the team each week until the contest.

Claire Dannelley


My name is Claire Dannelley. I am in Unit 4. We talk about judicial review, federalism and Indiana’s constitution.

I enjoy We the People, because the class helps not only grow your knowledge about government, but also develops your love for learning about the different aspects of government.

At the beginning of this year, I had a basic understanding of government, and now I know more than I could have ever imagined. At the start of the year, Mr. Michael Potts, our teacher, said, “You don’t even know what you don’t know.” I haven’t reached that yet, but am surely getting there.

We the People has also helped significantly with my skills in writing and giving speeches. Before this year, I struggled when talking before a class even when giving a simple report, because of my nerves; but now I can speak before a panel of judges and not be scared or nervous as I previously was.

Delaney Hobbs


My name is Delaney Hobbs. I am in Unit 2 of the We the People class, which studies the principles that shaped the founders’ thinking about government.

I enjoy We the People because I’m constantly searching for the most arduous academic challenge, and We the People has definitely met, if not exceeded, my expectations. Participating in this highly rewarding program means, to me, the honorary ability to learn about the inner workings of my government and what it takes to be an informed, active citizen in the future.

I would like to add that I, nor any of my classmates, would have the honor to participate in this advantageous program without the humble donations of the citizens of Brown County, which are always so supportive of this program and the students involved.

Community foundation offering challenge grant

The Brown County Community Foundation is offering a $9,000 challenge grant to the We the People Team’s 2016 quest for the national championship.

This grant will trigger when the team raises $28,500 of their $37,500 goal.

Tax-deductible donations toward the team can be sent to the Brown County Community Foundation with “BCJHS WTP” in the memo line, or directly to the junior high school at the address listed in the editor’s note above.