JACKSON, Miss. — Wednesday marked the latest deadline during the 3½-month session of the Mississippi Legislature. It was the final day for the House and Senate to act on general bills that had first passed the opposite chamber. Most bills that survived the deadline are going back to the originating house, which can seek negotiations to iron out differences or concur in changes and send the measure to Gov. Phil Bryant for his approval or veto. Some bills are already on the way to the governor. Revenue bills that would cut taxes or possibly raise taxes for highways are alive under a later deadline and have yet to pass the second chamber.

Here’s a look at the status of selected bills, with HB to designate a House Bill and SB to designate a Senate Bill:



APPOINTED SUPERINTENDENTS — All school superintendents would be appointed after the current four-year term, eliminating the election of superintendents in 55 districts. SB 2438, http://bit.ly/21p59R4 .

CELL PHONE NO CALL — Would include cellular telephones in a state law that bans unwanted telemarketing calls. SB 2366 http://bit.ly/21UmVd8 .

RIDE HAILING SERVICES — Create statewide regulations to govern Uber, Lyft and other ride-hailing services, overriding the ability of cities to regulate. HB 1381 http://bit.ly/2333T6L .


GUNS IN CHURCH — Houses of worship could designate members to undergo firearms training and carry guns to protect the congregation. Also would make it legal to carry concealed weapons in holsters without a permit and say that the Mississippi Constitution overrides federal administrative rules. HB 786, http://bit.ly/1WXg2GD .

ABORTION — A commonly used second-trimester abortion procedure, dilation and evacuation, would be banned. Courts have already blocked similar laws that Kansas and Oklahoma enacted in 2015. HB 519, http://bit.ly/1WXfJvr .

DEATH PENALTY SECRECY — The names of employees and family members at an execution, as well as the pharmacy providing lethal drugs, would be kept secret. SB 2237 http://bit.ly/1UDyeqZ .

SCHOOL DISTRICT CONSOLIDATIONS — Several bills would require consolidation of school districts. Holmes County and Durant, HB 926, http://bit.ly/21p7BqE ; Leflore County and Greenwood, HB 987, http://bit.ly/21p7UBP ; Chickasaw County, Houston and Okolona, HB 991 http://bit.ly/1PpVWz6 ; requires only a study committee. Montgomery County and Winona, SB 2495, http://bit.ly/21p8i3j . Lumberton dissolved into Lamar County and Poplarville, SB 2500, http://bit.ly/1S02Ykd .

CHARTER SCHOOLS — Charter schools, operated by nonprofit groups separate from other public schools, could accept students from other school districts. SB 2161, http://bit.ly/1RxqDdc .

ALTERNATIVE SCHOOL DISTRICT — Creates a separate school district under the state Department of Education that could take over school districts that are rated “F” for two years in a row. HB 989. http://bit.ly/1QylGjY .

JACKSON AIRPORT — A board governing Jackson’s Medgar Wiley Evers International Airport would be expanded to add members from outside the capital city. SB 2162, http://bit.ly/21p2xTc .

HUNTING AND FISHING LICENSES — Would raise the price of hunting and fishing licenses by 20 percent or more, requiring the money be used to hire and equip game wardens. HB 1151 http://bit.ly/1UDy1UJ .

TERRORISM SUSPICION — People would be immune from civil or criminal penalties in Mississippi for making good-faith reports to law enforcement officers if they suspect others are planning terroristic acts. HB 578, http://bit.ly/21p5KSF .

PLANNED PARENTHOOD —The state Medicaid program would have to stop spending any money with Planned Parenthood, even if it’s only a few hundred dollars a year. SB 2238, http://bit.ly/1o4A5XO .

BAIL AGENTS — Bail bond companies would face additional state regulations. SB 2664, http://bit.ly/1WXfOPM .

EDUCATION FUNDING REWRITE — Change how the state’s education funding formula is calculated to use enrollment and not attendance, plus allow for the chance of a more comprehensive rewrite of the formula. HB 458, http://bit.ly/21Un68e .



EARLY VOTING — Would have allowed a 14-day period of no-excuses early voting before elections at the local clerk’s office. HB 796 http://bit.ly/21UmQq0 .

ALCOHOL ADVERTISING — Would have allowed alcoholic beverages to be advertised on billboards in dry areas and by newspapers, radio stations and television stations located in dry areas. HB 843, http://bit.ly/21Um6kt .