Poet’s Corner: Blessed With Calm Delight

Heart keeps beating

Feet keep walkin’

Teeth keep chompin’

Mouth keeps talkin’

Arms keep huggin’

Eyes keep blinkin’

Hands keep writin’

Brain keeps thinkin’

“Giving thanks for my good health

That springs forth anew every day.”

Everything seems to be workin’ good

I trust in God to keep it that way.

Putting on the whole armour of God

I’m blessed with Calm Delight

Often I fail, but mostly I stand

Caught up in what’s doin’ right.

God leans toward me with favor,

Takes me places I never could go

He leads me and guides me all the way

To a life where His blessings freely flow.

A growing desire that works in me

Wanting others to know that days can be bright

It’s resting in Jesus, trusting in Him —

That makes life wonderful — a Calm Delight!

— Goldie Gartin, Nashville

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