Police Blotter: Man accused of carrying throwing stars, paraphernalia

A traffic stop for a smashed front windshield resulted in the arrest of a Nashville man March 15.

Robert C. Nelk, 27, was westbound on State Road 46 East when Nashville Police Officer Kyle Seward saw his windshield and identified it as a traffic hazard. Officer Tyler Strahl stopped the red Sedan at around 6:30 p.m. on Memorial Drive. It had two passengers.

Strahl started to tell Nelk why he stopped him, and Nelk replied, ā€œIā€™m tired of all of you guys pulling me over all the time,ā€ the report said.

Nelk told Strahl his windshield was busted because he hit a deer. The cracks covered most of the front windshield and the officer told him driving at night would be a problem, because light would reflect off the cracks.

Officers made plans to have the vehicle towed.

While searching it, officers reported finding a small plastic container with an immeasurable amount of marijuana flakes; a glass pipe with burnt marijuana in it; foil with a small piece of a brown, waxy substance in it; Chinese throwing stars; a syringe in a medical bag with a small amount of clear liquid inside; a rubber hose; and a film container with cotton balls that had a waxy substance on it.

Nelk told police the marijuana belonged to him.

He was booked into the Brown County jail. On March 24, he was officially charged with possession of paraphernalia, a Class C misdemeanor; and manufacture, sale or possession of Chinese throwing stars, a Class C misdemeanor.