Letter: Suggestions as road work continues downtown

To the editor:

As the highway department will be working through downtown Nashville the rest of March and probably into April, I would like to submit the following:

No parking on State Road 135 North. Visitors cross the street in the middle of the block, walking between parked cars, and drivers open car doors into the traffic lane. It is like a maze driving through Nashville. There are other hazards, but these are the main ones.

Shrubs on northwest corner of Franklin and SR 135 should be cut down or kept pruned back. A traffic policeman would be nice at the same corner during peak season and weekends. With the cars parked on 135/Van Buren, it is extremely difficult to see oncoming traffic while dodging walkers if one is attempting to exit Franklin Street.

Perhaps, just perhaps, town should think about contacting the state to consider making Jefferson Street a bypass 135 South. Splitting 135 would help the traffic situation during peak season and give the shops on Jefferson more exposure.

I understand no one wants change; however, Nashville needs some forward-thinking folks in charge, and the safety of locals as well as visitors is at stake. No “charm” or small-town look will be destroyed by any of the above suggestions.

Thanks for reading or considering my suggestions.

Mary Falker-Howard, Brown County