Pet Tails: Keep your pets safe, healthy with yearly vaccines

pet tails clinic

The Brown County Humane Society’s annual rabies and vaccine clinic will take place Sunday, April 24, at the ambulance base next to the Brown County Law Enforcement Center. The clinic will operate from 1 to 4 p.m. and is limited to the first 300 pets (cats and dogs) that show up that day. All cats must be in carriers and all dogs must be leashed.

Sponsored by the Serving Pets Outreach Team, the clinic is an opportunity for Brown County residents to get their cats and dogs up-to-date on their yearly vaccines, including the legally-required rabies vaccine. The clinic will also be offering microchipping for both dogs and cats, and nail trimming for dogs. Each service is $5, cash only.

The humane society strongly encourages owners to take advantage of the very low cost for microchipping at the clinic. In 2015, the shelter received more than 250 lost pets, fairly evenly distributed between cats and dogs. We were able to reunite 141 of those pets with their families, many because of a microchip.

Of the 141 pets returned to their owners, only eight of them were cats. If a cat is lost and doesn’t return quickly, owners often assume it’s been killed by a wild animal. Lost cats can often be found months after they’ve gone missing, though — long after the family has lost hope and stopped looking. There are many stories of cats being reunited with their family years after they were lost.

Reuniting pets, families

pet tails foundHave you seen one of these signs? They’re part of the humane society’s continued efforts to reunite lost pets with their families. When a lost animal is brought to the shelter, a volunteer places one of these signs near where the animal was found with the hope that someone will recognize the animal and know where it belongs.

We’ve been able to identify quite a few owners in just the few weeks since the signs have been in use.

Dog of the week

pet tails malcolmMalcolm was a lost dog — no microchip, no identification, no family coming to claim him. He’d been lost in the snow and was suffering from frostbite, but he’s still been the sweetest little dog from day one. What Malcolm loves most of all is sitting as close to you as possible while you rub his head and back or, better yet, his belly. Running, tugging on a toy or just walking on a leash are super fun, but he never gets tired of just being close. Malcolm always seems happy and he shows it with every part of himself: when he wags his tail his whole little body follows along.

Brown County Humane Society calendar

SPOT Spay/Neuter Special: All cats and dogs $1 in April. Call 812-703-0797 for an appointment.

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