To the editor:

The Brown County Weekend Backpacks wish to thank the Fabulous 50 Women’s Giving Circle for their wonderful donation.

These beautiful women have come up with a plan of combining an individual donation with more than 50 other women and giving that amount to a Brown County charity. This is the third year for this award and the charities that have won have been greatly helped by this award.

BCWB is no exception. We are an organization with the mission as a community-led program whose goal is keeping hungry children fed with nutritious food all weekend long.

We pack a backpack of food for a weekend with four breakfast items, four lunch items, four supper items, two snacks and a piece of fresh fruit. We are packing between 90 and 95 backpacks each week going to the junior high, intermediate school, Sprunica and Helmsburg elementary schools.

If you are interested in the backpack program and would like to help by volunteering to pack the backpacks, contact Donna Niednagel 812-988-6865.

If you want to donate food, contact Linda Todd at 812-287-2489.

If you want to help with fundraising, contact Marylin Day at 317-431-1989.

If you would like to become a part of the Fab 50 Women’s Giving Circle, contact the Brown County Community Foundation at 812-988-4882.

BCWB wishes to invite the community to an evening of music to honor retiring Superintendent David Shaffer on Friday, April 29 at 7 p.m. at the high school auditorium. Teachers, parents and students as well as community musicians will be involved in saying thank-you to Mr. Shaffer. So put April 29 on your calendar and enjoy a night of music.

No child deserves to go to bed hungry!

Brown County Weekend Backpacks Advisory Board (submitted by Jan Swigert)