Letter: What is this county comprehensive plan?

To the editor of The Democrat:

Facing a calendar full of hearing agendas brought before the Area Plan Commission, its new director, Chris Ritzmann, feels that she must put on hold a project former Director David Woods failed to complete before his retirement in February. This project included writing a new zoning ordinance in order to enable a “comprehensive plan” involving development and growth in Brown County.

According to an article titled “Aiming for Continuity” in the March 16 publication of the Brown County Democrat, this plan cannot be realized under current zoning laws. Thus, there was an appeal made to rewrite the laws by the group of county residents who created it.

What is this comprehensive plan, and who are the county residents who created it? It sounds big, especially when you consider all the attention Brown County is getting.

Perhaps these residents should like to step forward, reveal themselves and share their plan with the rest of us.

John Douglas, Nashville

Editor’s note: The comprehensive plan was updated in 2011, then reviewed and tweaked by multiple boards. According to a Dec. 7, 2011 Brown County Democrat story, the comprehensive plan committee included Jenise Bohbrink, Bill Boyle, John Dillberger, Jack Lucas, Jim Milnes, Ben Phillips, Kristi Seastrom, Dan Shaver, Kenny Wagler, David Woods, Suzannah Levett Zody and Andy Szakaly. The plan can be read at http://browncounty-in.gov/Home/GeneralInfo.aspx.

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