We the People bios: Stogsdill and Snyder

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Editor’s note: The Brown County Junior High School We the People team won the state civics contest championship in December and wants to win another national title for Brown County. But first, the team needs to raise about $35,000 to get to the contest in Washington, D.C., from April 29 to May 3. Send donations payable to “Brown County We the People Junior High School” to P.O. Box 578, Nashville, IN 47448. The Brown County Democrat is featuring members of the team each week until the contest.

Allison Stogsdill


My name is Allison Stogsdill, and I am a member of Unit 5. Unit 5 studies the importance of the First Amendment, the right to due process, our right to vote, the processes used in government and how the constitution protects our basic rights.

I enjoy We the People greatly, because it gives me insight to our country’s government; helps me become a better writer, speaker and leader; and allows me to develop my own opinions about our world. Being a part of Unit 5 has helped me realize how much our rights matter and the idea that we should always stand up for our beliefs.

Outside of We the People, I continue to work hard through extracurricular activities and sports. I love playing volleyball, softball and basketball.

I really look forward to going to Washington, D.C., and participating in the competition. I ask my community as a whole to please help this year’s We the People class reach our goal, and get us to our nation’s capital!

Myka Snyder


Hello, my name is Myka Snyder. I am in Unit 6 in the We the People civic education class. In Unit 6 we study our rights, foreign policy and citizenship.

I have enjoyed learning an immense amount in the class. The class has educated me on characteristics of a good citizen, preparing my present and future self to participate in government.

Aside from studying, I take pleasure and passion in going to church and playing softball and volleyball.

Community foundation offering challenge grant

The Brown County Community Foundation is offering a $9,000 challenge grant to the We the People Team’s 2016 quest for the national championship.

This grant will trigger when the team raises $28,500 of their $37,500 goal.

Tax-deductible donations toward the team can be sent to the Brown County Community Foundation with “BCJHS WTP” in the memo line, or directly to the junior high school at the address listed in the editor’s note above.

The team also is conducting several fundraising events, including an online live auction which can be found at https://www.32auctions.com/wethepeople2016.