Letter: Tax hike worth education benefits

To the editor of The Democrat:

Brown County people, this letter is to you.

I want to ask you to support the referendum to benefit the Brown County School system and the CRC.

For the record, my sons are all out of school and there aren’t members of my immediate family attending Brown County schools, but I strongly believe in supporting our educational system.

I think it is fantastic that local people can take college courses right here in our town. (I have lived in much bigger towns where less was offered.)

I believe that education should be available and supported by all of us, whether or not you have children in school.

If you think, “yes, but this will raise my taxes,” then I urge you to go the website taxpayersforbrowncountyschools.com where you can calculate the actual tax increase you would pay. Mine was $37, which is less than 11 cents a day!

Think back to 2012 when our town council enacted a TIF district in Brown County. We didn’t hear much about it until it was passed. This TIF allows money from taxes to be “diverted,” if you will, away from public entities into funds that can be spent as the council sees fit, and away from community resources, like schools. Traditional entities, like schools, are grossly affected by a TIF; whereas businesses, benefit from it. Our school system will see less of your tax money in the future as a result of the TIF district.

I would also like to have you think about what it means to not support our educational system. Do you want to see our schools privatized? Do you want charter schools in Brown County? I am strongly opposed to this!

We have always been a county of citizens who help each other. Let’s help future generations. Let’s offer education to adults who want to take college classes. Let’s help each other: Vote “yes” on the referendum in the May primary election!

Tricia Bock, Nashville

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