We the People bios: Meece and Drew

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Editor’s note: The Brown County Junior High School We the People team won the state civics contest championship in December and wants to win another national title for Brown County. But first, the team needs to raise about $35,000 to get to the contest in Washington, D.C., from April 29 to May 3. Send donations payable to “Brown County We the People Junior High School” to P.O. Box 578, Nashville, IN 47448. The Brown County Democrat is featuring members of the team each week until the contest.

Angel Meece

meece, angelHello, my name is Angel Meece. This year for the We The People team, I am in Unit 1. Unit 1 studies the Founders’ basic ideas about government. My unit focuses on why we have a government, how the government is run, our founding political leaders and the different types of government, including a state of nature.

Being in the class has greatly impacted me. It has taught me not only about our government but to form my own opinions and interpretations. Outside of We The People, I continue to keep the hard work going with extracurricular activities, as well as sports.

Although I’ve grown to love learning about our government through this time period, I do not believe I will have a future career in government. I plan to be a physical therapist; however, all citizens should be informed about our government, and this program does a great job teaching us.

I’d also like to ask the community for their support and donations, to help get us to Washington, D.C.

Joey Drew

20160309bc mug drew, josiahMy name is Josiah Drew I am in Unit 4 in Brown County’s 2016 We The People class. My unit covers the federal system of government, the judicial branch and Indiana’s constitution.

I have never really taken an interest to the government, history or the Constitution before taking this class. In this class I have learned to love our government and have become inspired by the Constitution, and I constantly find myself wanting to know more.

In this class I have not only learned about the Constitution but also what Mr. Potts refers to as “the little things,” like making eye contact with someone, shaking a hand and, most of all, being a class act.

We the People issues challenge grant

The Brown County Community Foundation is offering a $9,000 challenge grant to the We the People Team’s 2016 quest for the national championship.

This grant will trigger when the team raises $28,500 of their $37,500 goal.

Tax-deductible donations toward the team can be sent to the Brown County Community Foundation with “BCJHS WTP” in the memo line, or directly to the junior high school at the address listed in the “editor’s note” above.

The team also is conducting several fundraising events, including an online live auction which can be found at https://www.32auctions.com/wethepeople2016.