Government briefs: Town news for March 2

Entities agree on need to meet with DNR

County and town government and local organizations are all on board to improve cooperation with the Indiana Department of Natural Resources.

“It’s really nice to see every single player in the county and the town come together and say, ‘This is important,’” Town Manager/Economic Director Scott Rudd told the town council Feb. 18.

Rudd has told those bodies that the negative discussions and social media backlash over the new mountain bike permits on state land inspired him to try to find a way to work with, rather than against, the DNR.

He wants to encourage the DNR to think of the state park as more of a part of the county and town and vice-versa, because both depend on each other for their economic health.

Rudd said he expects to meet with DNR representatives sometime in the first week of March.

Town exploring ways to be more RV-friendly

President Charles “Buzz” King told the Nashville Town Council Feb. 18 that Nashville needs to address a lack of parking for recreational vehicles and buses.

Council member David Rudd agreed, noting that the town is filled with signs forbidding RV parking on streets, yet there is no alternative parking lot for them.

King said he would like the town to look at land that is not suited to other uses and consider turning it into a lot for RVs and buses.

Town street striping to be redone this spring

Town Utility Coordinator Sean Cassiday expects to meet with a representative of AAA Striping out of Columbus in the first week of March to discuss street painting throughout Nashville.

Over the years, parking spaces around town have changed size and “crept,” Cassiday said. Some are not to code, leaving insufficient space between parking spaces and intersections.

The cost of hiring AAA Stripers to do the work comes out to less than it would cost to use town employees, Cassiday said.

Cassiday would like to have all striping done by the end of spring, he said.