To the editor:

In his Feb. 17 letter to the editor, Mr. John Kennard accused me of trying to take credit for killing the concept of a “rec center” (sports venue) in Brown County. He made it clear that I had nothing to do with this, and that it was he and Joe Wray who conducted a “thorough” study — and it was they who decided to kill the “rec center” (sports venue) project, “without any advice from Mr. Werling.”

Then, in a following paragraph, Mr. Kennard lauds Westfield, Indiana, for building a larger sports venue, that will reap a $50 million windfall for Westfield. Kennard then attacked me for not wanting this type of economic windfall to come to Brown County.

Now wait! Didn’t Mr. Kennard just state that it was he and Joe Wray who decided not to build a smaller venue like this in Brown County, after completing their own “thorough” study? And, wasn’t it Mr. Kennard who said that I had nothing to do with their decision?

So, why isn’t Mr. Kennard telling the citizens of Brown County that he and Mr. Wray (by themselves) made a terrible miscalculation with their study, and that because of their poor leadership as commissioners, Brown County is going to lose out on a financial windfall? With this kind of leadership, maybe Mr. Wray and Mr. Kennard should be “run out of this county on a board” (Mr. Kennard’s own words, in his letter to the newspaper).

Next, Mr. Kennard falsely stated that the $9 million for Stellar was for “infrastructure,” to benefit the county. If true, why did it include “Stellar funds” for a community center (sports venue), for which Mr. Kennard patted himself and Mr. Wray on the back for killing?

In addition, “Stellar funds of $7,250,000” were to be used to subsidize 83 percent of the Blue Elk project, owned by a private individual, while the owner was only going to provide 17 percent of the funding needed for a venue that he would own! The forgoing information came directly from the Stellar submission (pages 43 and 47).

Had Mr. Wray and Mr. Kennard worked with Brown County citizens to solicit their input for projects that Brown County really needed, they might have gained community support for Stellar.

Brown County residents believe in having a voice in a democracy, not authoritarianism!

Evan A. Werling, CPA (retired), Brown County

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