IDEM notice of draft renewal; Greg Rose, Waste Water Treatment Plant, 1462 State Road 46 West

STATE OF INDIANA DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT/ OWQ, NPDES PUBLIC NOTICE NO. 2016 –2A- RD; NOTICE DATE: FEBRUARY 10, 2016; RESPONSE DUE: MARCH 10, 2016. DRAFT RENEWAL: GREG ROSE WWTP, Permit No. IN0063789, BROWN COUNTY, 1462 SR 46 W, Nashville, IN. This semi-public facility discharges 0.01 million gallons daily of sanitary wastewater into an unnamed tributary to Gold Well Hollow to Lower Schooner Creek. Contact Permit Manager: Lynn Riddle,, 317/232-8619. Please direct all correspondence to the Permit Manager. Mailing address: DEM/OWQ/NPDES/PS, 100 N Senate Av (mail code 65/42PS Rm 1255) Indianapolis, IN 46204. A copy of the Draft Permit is also on file with your local Health Department. For your rights & responsibilities see: Public Participation:; Citizen Guide: Comments/Public Hearing: IDEM is required, by Rule 327 IAC 5-3.5-5, to publish this Notice & solicit public comment or requests for Public Hearing. Only written correspondence will be accepted via direct mail or Email. Attention: Lynn Riddle, as above. Visitors are welcome to view the documents at IDEM from 9 – 4, M – F (excluding state holidays; copies 10¢ per page). All written correspondence must be postmarked no later than the Response Due date of this Notice. Notices of subsequent action will ONLY be sent to persons providing their contact address or Email & cannot be made to persons who fail to request such notifications. Public Hearing Determination: IDEM will determine if a Public Hearing is needed based on the comments or requests received. All requests must include the following: name & contact information (address, phone, E-mail) of the person making the request & their interest; persons represented by the person making the request; the reason for the request; and the issues proposed for consideration at the Hearing. Please tell others you think would be interested in this matter.

31867527 2/10, 2016 hspaxlp 16-41