We the People bios: Davis and Poling

Editor’s note: The Brown County Junior High School We the People team won the state civics contest championship in December and wants to win another national title for Brown County. But first, the team needs to raise about $35,000 to get to the contest in Washington, D.C., from April 29 to May 3. Send donations payable to “Brown County We the People Junior High School” to P.O. Box 578, Nashville, IN 47448. The Brown County Democrat is featuring members of the team each week until the contest.

Taylor Poling

My name is Taylor Poling, and I am in Unit 6 in the BCJHS We the People program. In Unit 6, you learn about citizenship, how countries interact with each other, and the importance of participating in government.

I really enjoy being in We the People because it has taught me so much about our government. It has taught me how our government works and why it is so important to be involved in it. This class has made me realize that I eventually want to work for the government and stay involved in it.

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Cassidy Davis

My name is Cassidy Davis. I am in Unit 1 in the We the People class, which focuses on the Founders’ basic ideas about government.

I enjoy We the People, because it pushes me to reach my full potential. We the People has taught me how to be a better citizen. By being involved in and staying informed about government, from local to national levels, I am becoming a more knowledgeable citizen. Participating in this class has been a very fulfilling experience for me.

We the People has changed my outlook on life. For example, when conflicts arise in government or even in my daily life, I use what I have learned in this class. I look at the situation from multiple viewpoints; nothing is black and white.