Restoration work gives historic buildings new life

To the editor:

The historic Old Log Jail behind our courthouse was extensively repaired over the past summer and early fall. A new foundation with stone facing and several new locust logs were replaced. A severe lean to the south was corrected and a new brick wall laid to connect Locust Lane with the courthouse parking lot. A damaged tree was removed and the site’s drainage was corrected.

All the above was achieved under the direction and guidance of Bird Snider of Brown County. Mr. Snider was assisted by Ivan Deckard, Jim Schultz and Norbert Garvey.

The Old Log Jail will reopen this April on Fridays and Saturdays. Come take a look at this unique structure.

Many thanks to Bird, Ivan, Jim and Norb for their excellent work.

With gratitude,

Bob Shook, Brown County Historical Society