Writer responds to letters on ‘Thunder’

To the editor of The Democrat:

My first response is directed to Frank Ball’s letter of Feb. 10. It appears that even though he stated he had read Jim Schultz’s letter and my response to him a couple of times, he clearly did not comprehend the issue. Mr. Schultz was concerned that because “Thunder” was part of the name of a local business, that business was detrimental to all the folks of Peaceful Valley. My response was basically calling Mr. Schultz on the carpet for such an outlandish statement.

My second response is to Evan Werling:

Wow, he’s at it again, making claims for nonexistent triumphs. I will give him credit for killing Stellar, and for that, he should be run out of this county on a board. Why would anyone be proud of killing a $9 million grant to improve our county’s infrastructure? Maybe because it wasn’t his idea?

Yes, both Mr. Wray and I did investigate very thoroughly the possibility of building a rec center for our county. After much review and consideration, the idea was dropped but not with any advice from Mr. Werling.

It’s interesting that Westfield has just finished building a much larger complex than we looked at, and, surprise, it is projected to bring over $50 million to Westfield.

Guess that would have been a bad move on our part because of the noise and all the people that would bring in to spend money.

I think I’m finally catching on to Mr. Werling. If it’s not his idea, then he will do everything to hinder the project.

John Kennard, private citizen, Brown County