Watch for vehicles when cutting through lot

To the editor:

It’s so frustrating in the mornings going to the Speedway gas station to get gas, etc., and you are slowly pulling out to make sure you don’t hit any pedestrians and vehicles coming off of 46, flying into Speedway to get their child to school.

I am new to Brown County, but I am assuming the rules of the DMV apply here as they do anywhere else. There is a speed limit, and I would think people taking their children to school would drive to the stoplight at 135 and 46 in Nashville, turn right at the light, then turn right again at the school entrance to take their child/children to school rather than speeding through Speedway gas station parking lot.

I was almost hit the other morning, and the lady looked at me like it was my fault. Thank God I was creeping out of my parking spot slowly or I would have hit her and it probably would have been my fault.

Marilyn Hodson, Brown County