To the editor:

The Indiana Association of United Ways is partnering with the state of Indiana to coordinate the 2016 Bison-tennial Public Art Project.

This project is just one of many being sponsored and promoted by the Indiana Bicentennial Commission to celebrate the state’s 200th Statehood Day on Dec. 11, 2016. It is hoped that every county in Indiana will become involved in creating public art to be appreciated by community residents as well as sought out by visitors.

Currently, 56 of Indiana’s 92 counties are participating.

Since Brown County does not have a United Way, the Brown County Community Foundation has been asked to be the project lead for this art project, and as such, will help coordinate sponsors for at least one of the 5-foot-tall fiberglass bison, which represents both an element of the state seal and the state’s history.

The BCCF will be working with the Nashville Arts and Entertainment Commission to identify the design, choose the artists to complete that design and to coordinate with the town of Nashville for placement of this unique piece of public art.

Public donations have already been committed and the BCCF is still accepting donations to purchase one unfinished bison or perhaps a herd! The estimated cost to purchase an unfinished bison, a base and to decorate one is $2,000 depending on artistic design.

Tabletop bison are also available for promotional use, contingent upon the ordering of one large bison. Tabletop bison are 15 inches, and once painted by an artist, could be used by an organization as a fundraiser. The cost of the tabletop bison is $200.

Local businesses that want to purchase their own large or tabletop bison, create their own design, pick the artists and place one on their property are encouraged to contact the BCCF for official design guidelines.

Guidelines do allow for sponsors’ names to be identified on a plaque next to each bison and will also be recognized on Indiana with the respective bison.

Bison will be delivered through April and finished bison are expected to be on display by Memorial Day.

Bison can be decorated to be a focal point of excitement and interest in the community. They could celebrate and enhance the positive impact an organization or business has in the community or simply celebrate something unique about Brown County.

All interested individuals, organizations and businesses are asked to contact the BCCF for more and complete information.

Interested donors are welcome to send their contributions to the BCCF and simply write “Bison” in the memo line.

The BCCF is proud to be an Indiana community foundation and to be the project lead for the state’s Bison-tennial art project.

Larry Pejeau, Brown County Community Foundation CEO