The Brown County Junior High School eighth-grade We the People team was honored today by the Indiana General Assembly for winning the 2015-2016 state championship.

House Concurrent Resolution 35, authored by Rep. Eric Koch (R-Bedford), recognized the school for winning its sixth consecutive We the People state title.

“It is quite an accomplishment for a school in one of our smallest counties to consistently win on a statewide level,” Koch said. “I am proud that these students will be representing Indiana in the national invitational.”

We the People gives students the opportunity to learn about democracy, promotes civic responsibility and then allows them to compete in state and national competitions to test their knowledge.

The team will compete in the national invitational from April 29 through May 3.

Past teams have won the national championship twice and finished as runner-up last year.

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Sara Clifford has been raising a family in Brown County since 2005 and leading the Brown County Democrat since late 2009. In addition to editor, she is the beat reporter for town government and writes columns, features and general news stories.