Can you spell “chihuahua?” How about “potpourri?”

Well, neither could these people.

Fifteen local celebrities stepped up to the mic Feb. 6 to entertain a large crowd during the third annual Komedy Spelling Bea.

Brown County Junior High School Principal Brian Garman was declared the winner after trading back and forth for six rounds with graphic designer Chasity Smith. His winning word was “effusive.”

The fundraiser of Psi Iota Xi sorority supports a variety of projects, including the purchase of school books, grants to children’s medical research organizations and other local and regional causes based around education, the arts, and speech and hearing needs.

The event also included a chili cookoff featuring 21 contestants. Steve Hilton’s Beef Brisket Chili was the winner, raising $104.12 in “votes.”

Spelling contestants, their final words and their spellings were:

Round 2

Town council member Arthur Omberg: cluch (clutch)

Round 3

Brown County Democrat advertising salesman Keith Fleener: desky (dispel)

People’s State Bank Manager Brenda Badger: toncils (tonsils)

BCJHS Assistant Principal Gavin Steele: montaj (montage)

“Mayor of Belmont” Tom Floyd: eieio (farm)

Brown County Intermediate School social studies teacher Nicole Wells: makaw (macaw)

Round 4

Helmsburg and Sprunica elementary art teacher Natalie Van Zuiden: mellowyellow (melodramatic)

Brown County Prosecutor Ted Adams: fundmental (fundamental)

Dr. Marin Garcia: infrastruction (infrastructure)

Brown County Junior High School social studies teacher Amy Oliver: hyptnotic (hypnotic)

Brown County court reporter Debbie Schroeder: spider (tarantula)

Nashville Christian Church youth minister Kendall Yeaton: done (buoyancy)

Round 5

BCJHS art teacher Jen Day: smorasbord (smorgasbord)

Final two

CS Design owner Chasity Smith: incorrectly spelled “potpouri,” “chiuaua,” “paciderm” and “efusive”; correctly spelled “sanctimonious” to finish in second place

BCJHS Principal Brian Garman: incorrectly spelled “popouri,” “chiaua” and “paciderm”; correctly spelled “phoenix” and “effusive” to win

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Sara Clifford has been raising a family in Brown County since 2005 and leading the Brown County Democrat since late 2009. In addition to editor, she is the beat reporter for town government and writes columns, features and general news stories.